Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our new credenza, al last!!

We went back to Focal Wood Products in Nappanee yesterday and had our new credenza installed. We are pumped!!
 This was our original dinette which was falling apart. The cushions were replaced several years ago but it still wasn't comfortable.

 This is the original washer cabinet. One of the doors hooked the slide and was pretty much destroyed. We hated the top also.

 Here is the newly installed credenza. The wood matches the other cabinets in the rig.

 The doors are original, but the frame is new. The top is also new and matches everything else.

Each side has a pull-out laptop tray, small drawer, and file drawer. Lots more storage behind the doors in the center including an adjustable shelf. The table slides out to 35 inches without the 18 inch leaf stored inside. Plenty of room for four or five when extended all the way.
Next year we will replace the electronics cabinet under the TV and hopefully 2 new Lambright recliners. If the books sell well, new pilot and co-pilot seats as well.


  1. We can see why you're delighted. It really is functional and very nice looking.

  2. The credenza looks interesting. We have been planning the removal of our bench and table set up and going to a credenza, table and chairs. It just so happens that we will be in Nappannee in a few days. Hummm, food for through. Thanks for the post.

  3. Looks beautiful! Carlyle does great work!