Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saguaro National Park

A Barrel cactus with fruit

These are the spines of a Saguaro Cactus

probably won't take much to topple this

A few interesting shapes

A small ramada built by the CCC in the 30's

This trail led up to many petroglyphs

A long view atop signal hill

Looking West

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A visit to Davis Monthan AFB - The Boneyard

The Blue Angels are moving up to the Super Hornet
One of several one of a kind prototypes
This is a highly modified KC135 Tanker used in an electronic warefare role
An A-10 Thunderbolt
This Admiral's plane kind of looks like a presidential aircraft but isn't
One of many F-4 Phantom jets awaiting conversion to target drones
Lots of KC-135 stratotankers awaiting disposition. My son flew in these and wanted me to photo tail numbers.
Old Air Force Pave Low special forces helocopters