Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY

We spent a week at the Diamond Caverns Mid-Atlantic RV resort on our way south. We were only a few miles from the Mammoth Cave National Park, but it was closed when we arrived due to the Government shut-down. After a few days, our friends Bill and Kris Osborne arrived in their Allegro Bus. Nice rig!! We went to the Corvette Museum with them. Unfortunately the Bowling Green Assembly Plant across the street did not have tours that day, so we only saw the museum. No problem, we loved the museum.
So many Corvettes, so little money.

This beautiful new red Stingray was only 1 of about 12 new 'vettes being delivered to their new owners at the museum that day.

This white 1957 fuel injected model only had 3.5 miles on it and was insured for $750,000

The 1953 model was the first Corvette. Also the first american mass produced sports car.
An interesting styling variation.
And another.

This is a Lingenfelter aftermarket modified model with twin turbochargers.
I thought this was one of the slickest modified models in the place.

How about a V-12 Corvette?

there really was a 1983 Corvette, but you couldn't buy one. Here IT is.
Here we are out in front of the museum. I thought the sign was appropriate for our blog name.
And here we are with Bill and Kris.
This was a wonderful museum with lots more stuff to see than what I have pictured here. Completely worth the &7.00 admission charge.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our new credenza, al last!!

We went back to Focal Wood Products in Nappanee yesterday and had our new credenza installed. We are pumped!!
 This was our original dinette which was falling apart. The cushions were replaced several years ago but it still wasn't comfortable.

 This is the original washer cabinet. One of the doors hooked the slide and was pretty much destroyed. We hated the top also.

 Here is the newly installed credenza. The wood matches the other cabinets in the rig.

 The doors are original, but the frame is new. The top is also new and matches everything else.

Each side has a pull-out laptop tray, small drawer, and file drawer. Lots more storage behind the doors in the center including an adjustable shelf. The table slides out to 35 inches without the 18 inch leaf stored inside. Plenty of room for four or five when extended all the way.
Next year we will replace the electronics cabinet under the TV and hopefully 2 new Lambright recliners. If the books sell well, new pilot and co-pilot seats as well.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another week in Indiana

Here are our friends Kris and Bill Osborne who write the Seeing the USA blog. Kris has crafted a great gadget to fit on the back of the navigator's seat that holds lots of handy stuff. Woo Hoo!!! More storage.

As you can see, she has covered the chair with some felt material and attached a shoe organizer with elastic.
Pretty cool!!
We spent a few hours at the annual Shipshewana Craft Fair. Lots of Buggy only parking around here

Next we took a trip over to Focal Wood where our new credenza is being built.

 The wood pieces in front of the table are part of our order. We are also having a new front put on our washer/dryer and a new top.

We are busy getting everything ready for the dinette removal and the new furniture to be installed. More pics on Friday nite.
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shipshewana, IN

Half of the showroom at Lambright Comfort Chairs
What a great day we had today. Our friends and listeners Bill and Kris Osborne have come to visit with us here in Howe, IN.  We went to Lambrights Comfort Chairs to check out some chairs for the rig. Our Poang chairs have big foot stools and it takes up to much space. So, we are chair shopping again. Love the chairs but we will wait until next year to purchase them. This year the dinette gets changed out, from a booth type to a credenza. I can hardly wait. It will help us to get more organized and having Focalwood do the job is exciting. The Amish owner of Focalwood, Carlyle Lehman is a real craftsman. Nick and Terry Russell had work done in their rig and it is beautiful. Anyway, back to yesterday, we continued on to Shipshewana and went to Yoder’s marketplace. Fresh cheese, hormone free meats, and fried pies. Yummm. I bought bacon, cheese and popcorn. I love popcorn. So tonight I will be having great popcorn. We went on to The Blue Gate Restaurant for a wonderful lunch and John wanted to get a Carrot cake. I love looking around in shops and places like that. It’s easy not to buy things because I don’t have any more room to store anything. Living in the RV with the limited space makes it easy to say no to more “stuff”.  Although it is time to start thinking about Christmas presents for friends and family. There is a big craft sale this weekend at Shipshewana and we will go to that.  Bill and Kris treated us to a Amish buggy ride. WOW they are really first class. Comfortable seats, insulated inside and the turn signals and light switches are located over the drivers head. It was fun and the driver gave us a little history of the town. Have a great day Happy Camping.

This looks like the one!

Or maybe this one with electric recline.

Cool table

back to the 70's

This place had the best stuff!!

Molly gave us a great ride.
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