Monday, February 25, 2013

3 Flags

We have been at the 3 Flags Mid Atlantic RV Resort for the last 2 weeks. This is a very nice park with an excellent staff. Joanne, the manager is doing a great job keeping the park up and activities flowing.
The past 2 Saturdays were good for us as we sold our bead jewelry at the morning craft sale here. This past Saturday was also a cookout with cheese-burgers/drink/chips going for $3.50. Good grub at a great price! We'll be back here for a week at the end of March before heading north to our workamping assignment at Timothy Lake South Outdoor World RV Resort in the Pennsylvania Poconos.
Our friends Nick and Terry Russell have been here for most of the last 2 weeks. Nick writes The Gypsy Journal print newspaper all about their full-time travels. He also publishes a daily blog filled with much good information and some just plain fun stuff.
Earlier in the week we had dinner with Nick and Terry, Bob and Rita Meridith, both very good artists, and Al Hesselbart, the historian for the RV/MH Museum and Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN. We went to the charming town of Inverness about 20 miles east of here to a great little place called Stumpknockers. The food and company were super and we will go back to Inverness when we are here in March. The seafood there was quite fresh and well cooked. Lots of local stuffed critters on the walls to add a special
Its been fun being able to pick Nick and Terry's brains about all kinds of stuff. I learned a bunch about blogging, and Kathy spent time with Terry discussing her love for fiber art. Kathy will do a feature on our next edition of Living the RV Dream.
Tomorrow morning we are going back to Wachula and the Peace River Thousand Trails Preserve. We'll spend 2 weeks there and then 2 more weeks in Venice, FL at the Rambler's Rest Encore Park. We will finnaly finish up all our various doctor and chiropractor visits.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A little more Rambler's Rest

We left Rambler's Rest yesterday, but I had these pictures from one of our walks to the Myakka River which is the back boundary of the campground. This is a fishing dock and gathering place. There is also a canoe and kayak launch just beyond the dock. I think the bike to golf cart ratio here must be 50/1. Usually the other way around.

These are views up and down river. Quite serene.

This great blue heron was looking for his next meal. Lots of 'gators in here by the way.
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Ramblers Rest Venice FL

Here we are at Ramblers Rest in Venice, FL. This park is located off of I75 Exit 191 and what a beautiful park it is. We are just about 10 miles from the Venice Beach and the cute little community of Venice FL. We have not stayed here before but have found this park to be very nice. It seems everyone here likes to ride their bikes around and they are very friendly folks.

One of the best things about this place is the entrance where there is plenty of space to unhook and hook up when we leave. I really like it when we don't block traffic to unhook the car or when we are trying to hook back up. I wish more parks would take this into consideration.

The beautiful warm pool at Rambles Rest.

Here's the office for registration and the people here were very friendly. We were told that we would probably only get 30AMP but the friendly staff were very gracious and gave us 50AMP and boy are we HAPPY CAMPERS.  

One of the most interesting trees here is the bottle brush tree. Very pretty and smells nice. How unusual for this red flower to look like a bottle brush.

Here's my honey hard at work improving our  website. We have a side entry rig so the front passenger area is perfect for John to set up his "office" and leave it set up while we are camped. I on the other hand, have my computer at the dinette so every time we get ready to eat I have to find a space to move it to. It's a little annoying but not bad.  I don't like to sit in front of the TV to eat because it doesn't allow John and I a chance to talk. Sometimes it seems like we are so busy we don't spend enough us time.  By making sure we turn off the TV and have dinner together, it's a chance to catch up on what we are both thinking, especially what we want to talk about on the next Podcast and the research we have done and what we need to do. I'll be back soon with another Blog post. Happy Camping!!
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