Monday, December 5, 2011

Historic Homes Tour at Ft. Huachuca

We had a wonderful outing yesterday as we visited a number of the original buildings at Ft. Huachuca, all constructed in the mid 1880's. They were constructed of brick and adobe with walls over 20 inches thick. Some of these were the Hospital and others were Officer's quarters. Today, they have been renovated with modern kitchens and utilities and are senior officer's quarters. The folks in costume are hosts and are from the Tombstone Vigilantes organization. The men in vintage uniforms are from "B" Troop, a ceremonial organization of mostly ex-servicemen. Both these organizations are involved with charitable work and this Tour of Homes benefits several local charities and also scholarships.

I only took one interior picture as I was informed there was to be no photography inside the homes. Too bad as some of them were spectacular.

Most of the homes have these small staff quarters behind them. This one housed two teen aged sons of the house resident. How cool!

The Pershing house is the largest house in the group and has historically been the residence of the base commanding general.

A ballroom was added to this house in the early 1900's.

Our intrepid group of tourists. Our friends and next door neighbors, Stephen and Barbara Vanderleest along with Kathy. Did I mention it was COLD yesterday and a little snow was falling when we arrived.

5000 feet, no wonder it's cold.

Check out the mountains in the distance. Probably an Indian behind every rock back in the day.

This is one of the original barraks across the parade ground from the Officer's quarters.

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