Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lonestar Corrall, Hondo, TX

We broke our own rule for travel distance and did 310 miles to get to Hondo without another night on the road. US 83 south was just fine until a road construction job had 1 lane traffic over packed gravel for 3 miles. Of course there was a water truck spreading water to keep down the dust, and to make mud on our rig and car. Then we turned onto Texas 127 to bypass Uvalde and save 25 miles and 20 miles down that road came...you guessed it, another 1 lane packed gravel road construction job with a 3 mile run through just watered dust. What a mess!! We arrived at the Escapee park in Hondo and found out they have a water shortage, so no rig or car washing. Oh great! On top of that, there is no Verizon service here. It looks like there will be a Cellular booster amplifier in our future. The park is very nice, though, and we are considering becoming leaseholders here. We'll see. We had a steady rain most of the night and I hope the dust washed off the roof because it just streaked down the side. We'll leave here in a week and hopefully we'll find a Blue Beacon Truck wash. Hopefully the sun will come out and I'll take some pictures of the park today.

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