Monday, August 27, 2012

We're in Print!!

Here is the cover of the print version of our book. The title is slightly different and is the original working title. We will be changing the title on the eBook version soon. The contents are the same. Now we can concentrate on stuff other than writing.

Tomorrow we leave for Celina, OH and the Gypsy Journal Rally. We will be presenting 3 seminars on workamping and podcasting. Then a hopefully short stop at the Fleetwood Factory for some work on our door and on to Elkhart, IN for a week to 10 days to visit RV factories and do interviews for our weekly show. Then we will head south towards Florida for the holiday season. Who knows after that.

1 comment:

  1. I was able to attend two of your three seminars at the Gypsy Journal rally, and I am pleased to say I learned a lot, especially about workamping. My husband, Bob, and I are currently working on being able to enter the fulltime lifestyle. We're a few years away yet. Thank you for helping model a working RVer's lifestyle for us. I just started reading your book (thanks for the rally discount!), and I am having trouble putting it down! Thanks for putting your experiences into print to help people like Bob and I learn from them. I'll be reviewing you soon!