Friday, September 28, 2012

Old/New friends

We have been posting Living the RV Dream for almost four years and one of our earliest listeners and email corespondents was Bob Jae. As with so many of our listeners, we had never met Bob and his wife Bonnie. When they made a facebook post about being near Weekie-Watchie Springs, I contacted him and we were able to get together last night at the Cracker Barrell off I-75. We had a great dinner and we talked for hours 'till after 10PM. Both Bob and I and Kathy and Bonnie had quite a lot in common. I hope to meet more of our listeners as the Winter goes by here in Florida.


  1. Hi Kathy and John!

    We never been in Alaska, but I think you overestimate the expense for this trip. You mentioned 10K books should be sold for Alaska. This would be about $58K. It is not too much for Alaska? Please correct me if I wrong about his.

    Steve Varadi

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