Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another week in paradise

Another week has flown by and we have been very busy, I'm not sure at what, but time seems to fly by and things don't seem to get done. Of course, this week with the shooting in Ct on Fri., the weekend was involved with watching the news. I'm so sorry for the lost of those children. Who could fathom someone bent on killing 6 & 7 year old kids. I sure don't understand, but I pray for peace over the sorrow that the family and friends are going thru.
We have gone to see our chiropractor Dr. Jim and he is straightening us out some more. He has all kinds of gadgets to work on us. It's not like it used to be, but it works better. He has this gun looking thing that works like a jackhammer on our spine and sets everything back in order. John and I have the same outage in the line up of our spine. I think it is the recliners we sit in, and so does Dr. Jim. He does this thing with seeing if all our electric nerves are lined up and working in proper order. It's amazing what he can do, and I am sure glad he does it so well.
Our son Steve is recovering from hernia surgery and we have been taking care of him. He can't lift anything over 5lbs and then he got this awful rash from a reaction to the plastic covering they put over you when they do the surgery. He's diabetic so he cannot take cortisone, so they had to give him a cream instead. It works but takes longer than the pill. It sure is nice to be able to help and yet have our own place to stay when visiting with family.
My brother has bought a Airstream and is getting ready to head out. I doubt is he will go full-time but they have camped for years and enjoy it a lot. It will be such fun to sit around a campfire with him and chat. He is one of the greatest storytellers I know. I always laugh so hard.  Some of my fondest memories are of Stu telling his stories with a flair unique to him.  He just has this special gift of gab. I'm so blessed to have him for a brother. He is one of 4, I was the youngest of the 5 of us and it was a wild time at our home but Stu always was the best story teller. Well, that's all for this week Take care and Go Camping.

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