Monday, February 11, 2013

Ramblers Rest Venice FL

Here we are at Ramblers Rest in Venice, FL. This park is located off of I75 Exit 191 and what a beautiful park it is. We are just about 10 miles from the Venice Beach and the cute little community of Venice FL. We have not stayed here before but have found this park to be very nice. It seems everyone here likes to ride their bikes around and they are very friendly folks.

One of the best things about this place is the entrance where there is plenty of space to unhook and hook up when we leave. I really like it when we don't block traffic to unhook the car or when we are trying to hook back up. I wish more parks would take this into consideration.

The beautiful warm pool at Rambles Rest.

Here's the office for registration and the people here were very friendly. We were told that we would probably only get 30AMP but the friendly staff were very gracious and gave us 50AMP and boy are we HAPPY CAMPERS.  

One of the most interesting trees here is the bottle brush tree. Very pretty and smells nice. How unusual for this red flower to look like a bottle brush.

Here's my honey hard at work improving our  website. We have a side entry rig so the front passenger area is perfect for John to set up his "office" and leave it set up while we are camped. I on the other hand, have my computer at the dinette so every time we get ready to eat I have to find a space to move it to. It's a little annoying but not bad.  I don't like to sit in front of the TV to eat because it doesn't allow John and I a chance to talk. Sometimes it seems like we are so busy we don't spend enough us time.  By making sure we turn off the TV and have dinner together, it's a chance to catch up on what we are both thinking, especially what we want to talk about on the next Podcast and the research we have done and what we need to do. I'll be back soon with another Blog post. Happy Camping!!
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  1. Thanks for the update very nice job on the blog!

  2. Nice pics and I like seeing John's office