Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY

We spent a week at the Diamond Caverns Mid-Atlantic RV resort on our way south. We were only a few miles from the Mammoth Cave National Park, but it was closed when we arrived due to the Government shut-down. After a few days, our friends Bill and Kris Osborne arrived in their Allegro Bus. Nice rig!! We went to the Corvette Museum with them. Unfortunately the Bowling Green Assembly Plant across the street did not have tours that day, so we only saw the museum. No problem, we loved the museum.
So many Corvettes, so little money.

This beautiful new red Stingray was only 1 of about 12 new 'vettes being delivered to their new owners at the museum that day.

This white 1957 fuel injected model only had 3.5 miles on it and was insured for $750,000

The 1953 model was the first Corvette. Also the first american mass produced sports car.
An interesting styling variation.
And another.

This is a Lingenfelter aftermarket modified model with twin turbochargers.
I thought this was one of the slickest modified models in the place.

How about a V-12 Corvette?

there really was a 1983 Corvette, but you couldn't buy one. Here IT is.
Here we are out in front of the museum. I thought the sign was appropriate for our blog name.
And here we are with Bill and Kris.
This was a wonderful museum with lots more stuff to see than what I have pictured here. Completely worth the &7.00 admission charge.

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