Saturday, November 5, 2011

A beautiful and cool Saturday morning

This morning, our propane furnace kicked in about 4AM and ran intermittently for about 4 hours. Yesterday we were at 80 degrees, but a front came through and along with it came a half inch of rain. I know this because last week I mounted my birthday present weather gadget.

I was also able to confirm that yesterday's wind peaked at 28 mph. Usually when we have strong winds, the dust causes the mountains to get fuzzy and sometimes blocks them from vision. The rain cleaned up the atmosphere to give this view from the campground entrance looking directly south.

Little more than a week ago, we attended our park's Observatory Show and were rewarded with images from our solar system and well beyond as well as spectacular views of the planet Jupiter and four of its moons. These are views of the 16 inch reflector telescope inside the observatory dome.

We were late this week, but we finally got the latest edition of Living the RV Dream posted to . We talked about our visit to Fort Huachuca but unfortunately, I had a sore back and I didn't get many good pictures, but we will be going back there. Below are some of the original buildings constructed in the early 1880's.

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  1. Hey John ,
    Love the pics and hope the back is feeling better. What brand of weather station is that? I've got the Davis Vantage Pro but it's life is coming to an end pretty soon and I'm going to need to replace it.