Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Yesterday we took a ride to Ft. Huachuca to get Kathy's ID card renewed. We had been here several years ago, but didn't explore at all. This is a LARGE base. We found the ID card office and then went looking for the Post Exchange (retail store). After a few wrong turns, we finally got there and checked it out. Then off to the Commissary. We never get close to one without feeling the need to buy some groceries.
This post was established in the 1880's as a cavalry post and there are museums with some of the original buildings. We will visit another time to see them and report on them.
Then it was off to Sierra Vista and a trip to the Mall there and the western clothing store. My western shirts don't fit any more and we are having a hoe-down as the kick-off entertainment next week. We spent an entire summer in Rapid City without going to the Mall there. We've been here only a few weeks and there we were in the Mall. Fortunately, we escaped without too much financial damage. I hope there wont be too much dust in the air next time we go that way, as the scenery is awesome. I'll take the camera next time and post some pictures here.

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  1. Oooooo the Mall! You made it out without much financial damage, huh? Must not have any computer-RV-iPad-gadgety stores there......
    DB had his surgery a week ago. Incision on the bottom of his wrist for the carpal tunnel and big incision on the top of his wrist for the 3-bone-removal surgery. He has a hard cast on now and is doing better each day.
    We got the new shocks on the Escalade and are ready to roll. Planning on getting out of here the Monday after Thanksgiving (28th). Of course, barring any ~BLIZZARDS~ !!
    We are both so ANXIOUS to be there! Added you both to the November prayer calendar and think of you daily!
    pj and db