Thursday, February 9, 2012

We go horseback riding

This is a beautiful rock formation on the way to Ft. Huachuka I call The Tierra

We decided to join a park activity of a monthly ride from the Buffalo Roundup stables at Ft. Huachuka last week. These first few pictures are the rock formations and mountains on the way from Benson to Ft. Huachuka.

These pictures were taken at 60 mph so the foreground is a little blurry.

In about 2 months, this desert area will be alive with blooms. Unfortunately, we won't be here then.

Here we are arriving at the Buffalo Roundup Stable.

This facility is actually open to the public with a picture ID to get on the base. A one hour guided ride is only $15 and includes all gear except a padded This part of the base is quite beautiful with long vistas and interesting terrain.

This burro is a pet and has free reign of the property.

Here is the farrier re shoeing the horse that Kathy would later ride.

Looking off to the east from the stable parking lot.

Some of the many horses available to ride.

I've never seen a horse cross his back legs like this.

This last picture is taken atop Roscoe, my trusty steed for this endeavor. This was my first time doing this and after the last picture was taken, the camera was bumped from my pocket and I didn't realize it for about 10 minutes. No one found the missing camera that day, but I was called 2 days later that the staff had found it. I only wish I had a picture of Kathy and I getting off after an hour or so. We haven't been that sore in a very long while. I'm not sure we will do this again soon, but who knows?

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