Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Onward to Lake Tawakani Thousand Trails Park

Today we move about two hundred and fifty miles from Lake Conroe near Houston to Lake Tawakani east of Dallas. Gas is getting lower and lower. Today we paid $3.39/gal for diesel. We did the math and in the last 301 miles we used 29.6 gallons of fuel. I'll take 10mpg plus any time! We will be here a few weeks and we will finish the first draft of our book and send it off to be proofread. Then after July 4th we will head east to Heber Springs, AK to meet with the folks at Workamper News. Then we move to Lynchburg, VA near the blue ridge mountains. From there we go to PA to see our grandkids. Eventually we will winter in FL. I'll put up some pictures tomorrow.

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