Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We visit the Audie Murphy Museum

We drove up to Greenville, TX this morning to see the Audie Murphy Museum. Part of the museum is dedicated to the local cotton industry that flourished here for a hundred years.

This large bronze ststue was done by a local artist and depicts Audie Murphy in a scene from where he won one of the  his many medals.

The local cotton industry is also showcased in this museum.

These are the many medals won by the most decorated soldier of WWII. Missing for some reason is the Medal of Honor, but the ribbon is at the top of the ribbons.

He wasn't a big guy, just 5'5" and 110 lbs or so. lousy lighting in the museum for photography.

In 2 1/2 years, he went from PFC to 1st LT as he fought in numerous campaigns in several theaters of the war.
We had a good time here and spent more than 2 hours observing all the various exhibits. We highly recommend it if you are in this part of Texas just east of Dallas. The cost is $6 and $4 for vets and seniors.
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  1. Love all the photos....Sara Lauderdale

  2. hey guys, nice pix. when at museums turn off the flash when shooting thru glass or set it for low light. works great. Audie's original NOH is in the Smithsonian I believe. the best people in the worls are at Audie's museum. if you get to tenn. stop at Willie Nelson's museum,he has some of Audie's items too. have fun

  3. The medals displayed are not Murphy's. This is a commercial display readily available for private purchase. The uniform is also a replica as well as the Medal of Honor displayed around the neck.
    Audie's original WWII jacket is on display at the Museum of American History (Smithsonian) in Washington.
    According to Murphy his medals were lost/given away shortly after WWII, and although the MoH was displayed for many years in San Antonio at the Audie Murphy VA Hospital, it was stolen when the hospital was being renovated a number of years ago, as the hospital had it displayed in an "unlocked" display cabinet in the hallway/entranceway.
    If anyone would like to read a well-documented, well-researched interesting article, complete with many never before seen photos on this subject that I penned on this subject and posted at www.audiemurphy.com, please click or copy this link.