Friday, October 5, 2012

A few big eagles and our 2 puppies

We saw this rig on the morning we were leaving the Elkhart Campground and I just had to have pictures of it. We left too soon to ask the owner about it.


Two years ago when we were in this area of Florida, we adopted these two poodle/bischon rescues. On the right below is Charley, who we have had with us  and his brother Boomer, who has been with our son Steve, a former US Airforce Refueling Specialist (Boomer). Boomer just got groomed and looks more like a poodle. Charlie had a less that stellar groom last time and now looks like the Tramp from the Disney cartoon "Lady and the Tramp".

This is the second time they have been together and they love to chase one another and rough house.
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