Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We move a little north

Yesterday we moved from the Royal Coachmen Encore park in Nokomis, FL about 26 miles north to the Winter Quarters Encore Park in Bradenton, FL. This is a beautiful park with a large lake in the middle of the park. We have a long pull-through site facing the lake. It's a great view out our windshield until someone occupies one of the three empty sites on the lake front.
This is the view from the street with the lake at my back. Very tropical. We will probably interview the park manager for our show. This park is split about 50/50 between park models and RV's.

This week and next will be full of doctor visits for both of us as we get checked out so we can continue to wander the country next year. Its time consuming but a necessary evil. We have had several inquiries about our Poodle/Bischon mix Charley. He's doing fine and is a great traveler. Here he is enjoying his "man-dog" cave.

We'll be here two weeks and then we go about 40 miles east to the Peace River Thousand Trails park in Wachula, FL for a three week stay. We'll bounce around Florida most of the winter. We're not too sure after that.

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