Monday, January 28, 2013

Final day at the Tampa RV Supershow

The rescue squad was on site for the entire show with this rapid response ambulance/golf cart

We spent an hour or so looking at the many park models at the show.

This one was like a small mountain chalet.

Some day, this might be the type of home we live in.

Here comes the Tram!!

There goes the tram!!

This guy was everywhere and he was quite good.

There's my beautiful reporter waiting for me!!

Everywhere  you turned, there were more performers. We really enjoyed these guys.

This place was packed even on the last day.

I'm not sure what this gal was supposed to represent, but look at the sold signs on the rig behind her. Almost all sealers reported good sales volume.

Even Charlie Chaplin was here!

There was lots of stuff for the kids to do on Saturday and Sunday.

These guys have been here for the last 13 or 14 years and they are excellent.

One last street performer.
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