Thursday, August 8, 2013

We visit Jim Thorpe, PA

We spent a great day earlier this week in Jim Thorpe, PA. The town is only 50 miles west of Stroudsburg but a century removed. Formerly known as Mauch Chunk,, it was a coal loading place on the Lehigh river. The Lehigh Valley Railroad started freight and passenger service in 1855 and the place was called the Switzerland of America and had many millionaires mansions. In 1954, The communities of East Mauch Chunk and Mauch Chunk were combined under the name of Jim Thorpe and the famous athletes remains were brought here from Oklahoma. Now it is a popular tourist attraction and the river is a great source of recreation.
Coming into town from the east

The memorial and grave are located just north of East Jim Thorpe
This river rafting activity was on the river side of the municipal parking lot. $5.00/day
This is the original train depot, now home to the Lehigh Gorge Railway which makes 1 hour trips up the gorge on weekends. We'll try to get time to do this later in the month.
 We took a walk up broadway and it got steeper and steeper
 The next several frames are all about the restorred victorian buildings in the town

 The original fire department

 City Hall

 These three pictures are the front of the prison at the top of Broadway

We had a great tour here. Local high school girls are the tour guides.
 There were 3 women's cells on the second floor

 Looking out from the inside of one of the dungeon cells

 Reproduction of the gallows where 7 of the infamous "Molly McGuires" were hung

 The 2 story cell block

 We plan to return to Jim Thorpe to tour some other areas of town and one of the millionaire's mansions.

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