Sunday, November 10, 2013

We visit Suncoast Designers

This was the view out of our kitchen window before we visited Suncoast Designers in Hudson, FL. We had the same view out of the larger windows by our dinette and living room chairs.

We visited these folks 3 years ago to have the foggy cockpit windows repaired. They are pretty easy to find just off  US 19 in Hudson, FL.

After removing the windows from the coach, they are brought inside and disassembled here. The panes ane separated here as well and all parts are marked.

The separated glass panes then go through this industrial glass cleaning machine. Only high pressure distilled, filtered and de-ionized water is used.

The panes pass through the wall into this dry air clean room. The panes are laid out ready for application of new seal material.

Here are the different sizes of metal backed seal material.

The newly laminated panes are placed on this roller table ready to pass through into the heated press.

The machine is adjusted for the finished thickness of the laminated panes.

The finished panes are reassembled on the back table in this picture. These technicians each take a job through all the inside steps. After the window frames are finished, they are handed off to the outside crew for reassembly, re-caulking, and water testing.

Rigs of every kind are here from small gas rigs to Prevost conversion busses.

Here we are hooked up to water and 50Amp electricity.

Here we are with our livingroom window openings taped up.

This Country Coach was having every window replaced. We were there for 2 nights due to the heavy workload in the shop. If you need these folks' service, be sure to go to their website and call for an appointment.
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