Saturday, November 16, 2013

MCD shade installation

When we had the new credenza installed, we realized that the pleated day/night shade would have to be adjusted as well as to trim the side pieces that drop down the sides from the valence. I took the valences down at the dinette and the window next to it behind our chairs. At that point we decided to leave the sides off to let in more light. That was also the end of the day/night shades as they need the sides to attach to. We never liked the pleated shades much as they were a pain to adjust and they were an awful dust catcher and quite difficult to clean.
Long story short, we measured several times and ordered MCD American Solo night shades. The ordering process was easy and straight forward. The next day we got a phone call from an MCD representative to verify the order and take our credit card information over the phone. The shades arrived about 2 weeks later. We ordered them in Indianna and received them at our park here in Florida.
Each shade was marked as to which window as the drop lengths were different. The first thing to do was remove the valences from the window and measure for the location of the clips that hold the shade in place.
Here is the center clip centered on the marks we made.

below the clip is the aluminum extrusion holding the shade in place. It flips over and fits into the clips with a little pressure.
 Here the clips are screwed down to the underside of the valence and the shade is waiting to be cliped in.

Here is the completed installation. What I didn't show was a picture of me laying on my back on top of the credenza screwing the valence in under the cabinets. The really hard part was then clipping the shade into the clips while doing contorsions on my back. Also lacking is a photo of the large bump on my head topped with a gouge from sitting up and hitting the corner of that flourescent lamp fixture. It still hurts.

I did a little better installing the other one. With the chairs removed, it was easy to take down the valence. I placed the shade a little closer to the front and predrilled the mounting screws. With the shade firmly clipped in, we put the valence in place and screwed it in quite easily.

Overall, we love our new shades. We put them down each night and they are quite opaque from the outside at night. You can barely tell the lights are on from the outside. Next year we will get our bedroom windows repaired and defogged. Then we will put these great shades on them. Check out MCD at

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  1. We did something similar to our coach putting both solar and nighttime MCD shades in. MCD makes a good product and take the place of the day/night pleaded shades quite well. Hope ya enjoy them a bunch!