Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our Yuma home for the winter

This lot is just across the street from us.
 Here we are in our part of the lot.

We used our whole lumber yard to get level.

This is a typical unimproved lot except for the front gates.

You can probably have this lot for $62,500

Some folks have built some very nice houses here.

This is a pretty typical lot with 2 hook-up spaces with an added laundry shed.

This corner lot is priced at $72,500 but it will go for around $10k less.
As you can see, it's a little windy today.

This is some solar set-up
Looking up our street. There are many, many streets just like this out here in the foothills.


  1. We were in that same area 2 years ago and spent a couple of months on a lot out there in the foot hills. We enjoyed being a bit more by ourselves and chatting with the neighbors over the fence, which often kead to happy hour. Are you going to sneak up to Quartzsite for the "big show"?

  2. How would you like to house swap until May.... we have just got over an ice storm where the power was out in places for almost a week, then the temperatures dropped below -25C not including the wind chill and today the snow is being dumped on us. I can throw in 3 kids and a candy bar to sweeten the deal...
    Frozen in Toronto