Friday, February 7, 2014

Meeting old and new friends

We have had a busy week visiting with friends. We had lunch with Pat and Nancy Patterson, and what fun that was. Pat brought a list of all the things that we had recommended and what he had bought. It was fun to listen to someone who actually took our advice but also we felt the responsibility of that. I know that the things we recommend work for us, and we are really glad to have them. We hope they work for you too. Pat and Nancy are into geocaching. They have found over 12,000 caches. What a hobby; it sounds like great fun. As we sat at the table they showed us several caches within walking distance of the restaurant. This coming weekend there will be a geocaching Mega Gathering and people will be there to teach us how to do it. Sounds like fun. I think we will give it a try. 
We also met up with Brad and Teresa Dighton from Rapid City SD. We met them when we were workcamping at Hart Ranch and it was fun to catch up on all the happenings there. It is a wonderful resort close to Mount Rushmore, annd we think it is one of the most beautiful parks in the country. If you are headed to SD check it out. It is a membership park but they have a 2 night 3 day stay for $40.00 to introduce you to Hart Ranch.
On Sat we met up with Ann McKinnell and Ray Burr. These two are really living the dream. She is a  photographer and he is a blogger. They are fairly young for full time RV'er, but they are have a fantastic time taking photo's and Ann has written several books about taking the perfect photo's and she also recommends and evaluates the kind of camera to use. She does offer several online classes too, to help you become a better photographer.
Then on Wednesday. we met up with Nick and Terry Russel of The Gypsy Journal.  They are such great fun to be with. We had dinner at Applebee's and then went to their rig to interview them for the podcast. Unfortunately I kept getting the giggles and by the time we finally got started John didn't hit the  record button on the recorder. Oh well, it will just give us a chance to interview them again, maybe this week, but spending time with Nick and Terry is just fun and they are so encouraging, he always gives us some tidbits of advice and he is just full of information. 
You know, we think this is one of the best parts of RVing, meeting up with old friends and listeners. Everyone of you has a story to tell, and we just love to hear them. So, if we are anywhere near where you are, or somewhere we could meet in between, lets get together and talk over some food.

Happy Camping

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  1. Had a nice time chatting with you guys too. Great to see you and catch up after a few years. We are over exploring the Organ Pipe National Monument area last few weeks and doing a lot of dry camping. Loving Arizona this year! Cheers Ray and Anne