Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last week in Yuma AZ

I can hardly believe another week has gone by. We are getting ready to move on down the road and I must tell you I am ready. Sitting in one place for 3 months is too long.
This week we had dinner with David and Karen Grossman and it was great. They travel extensively  not only in  the US but overseas as well. They went to Alaska last year and brought all their used books on the places they went and we drilled them for about 3 hours on the one place they would go back to, and what was their favorite. They really loved the Kenai  Peninsula and would go back there to see it all again.   They gave us a wonderful book called Kenai Wildlife Viewing Trail Guide, I know we will get a lot from this one and it will help to plan our own trip. We hope to go to Alaska in 2015 and we are starting to plan the trip now.
Our son had a back operation this week, you know it is really difficult to decide whether to go and be there or to stay and wait. Even thought he is 43 he's still my "baby boy". He did great and is home but we were worried the whole time. I have decided that the next time we will go. This waiting is just to nerve wracking.
This week we will be at the FMA rally (Fleetwood Motorhome Association) here in Yuma, we are looking forward to presenting the full-timing and workamping seminars. The best thing about going to this kind of rally is that you can get work done on the RV and only pay for parts. We have a leaking water connection and they are going to fix it for us.
Then we will head on up to Verde Valley, it is north of Phoenix and a really beautiful place. We plan to stay there for two weeks and then on to the Grand Canyon. I know some people have called it just a big hole in the ground, but what a hole. I am really looking foreword to the sunrises and the sunsets.  So we will see youall down the road.

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  1. Travel Safe, looking forward to hearing more stories from the road.