Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yuma, AZ is the most RV friendly town in America

This is our third winter in Yuma. From the first time we came here, we knew this was a very RV friendly town. There are numerous mobile RV technicians, RV wash and wax businesses, holding tank flush out folks, and many others.  There are three or four large RV dealerships with service shops including LaMesa. There are also many RV consignment lots with everything from pop-ups to older Prevost buses for sale. Several propane dealers have lots large enough for the largest RV to turn around.

Of course there is WalMart. There are three of them here, all with RV departments. Then there is the ultimate "Guy" store, Harbor Freight. Lots of tools there, and much else to offer the RV do-it-yourself er.
In January, the huge Quartzite RV show is open and we are only about eighty miles away on a very scenic highway.

There are over seventy RV parks in and around Yuma. Five miles from downtown Yuma  is Algodones, Mexico where you can get deeply discounted drugs, eyeglasses, dental work, and even a hearing aid clinic. Back in Yuma are two large flea markets and a smaller inside market where you can find almost everything you might need to support the RV lifestyle and much, much more. And if that's not enough, there are four casinos in the area.

Among all these, I have picked out some of my personal favorite RV centric businesses. Coincidentally, they are all within five miles of one another and are either on or just off 32nd street which becomes the South Frontage Road.

I made this list by driving from our lot in the foothills west on the South Frontage Road towards downtown. First, up is Wally's World. This looks like a small place from the parking lot, but inside is huge! They have just about everything you will find in a Camping World store but cheaper. There are bins and bins of hardware of the common sizes an RVer would use. These folks also have a large store in the Arizona Marketplace flea market. The owners of Wally's World also operate Novus Auto Glass where you can have your RV or tow car's windshield repaired or replaced.

Next up the road is RV Decor. This is a nationally advertised RV refurbishment business. They have a large showroom with examples of flooring, furniture, lighting, and many other items they can add to your rig. They are building a fifty foot paint booth to augment their collision business. This summer, they will be opening a custom sofa factory in one of their bays. The magic happens out back in the service bays where they can totally change your rig's interior and exterior. This business primarily caters to folks with mid to high end motor homes. This is top drawer work and you will pay accordingly. The website is

The South Frontage Road has turned into Thirty Second Street when we come to Sewmasters of Yuma. These folks' specialty is custom sun shades for windshields and side windows of motor homes, but they offer so much more. We had them make a new set of window shades for us which fit perfectly and look great.

Moving slightly east, we cross over to the south side of Thirty Second Street and enter the Arizona Marketplace. This is a very nice flea market. All the stalls and walkways are covered by metal roofing and the floor is concrete. There are several hundred businesses here and room for several hundred more. Many of these businesses have RV stuff, but there is much, much, more. Clothing, furniture, hot-tubs, fresh vegetables, and so much more is available here. The website is

Among all the places here are two more of my favorite RV businesses. First up is the RV Water Filter Store. I have been buying filter canisters, filter media and custom water hoses from them for over six years. They also can make up a custom water filter system for your rig. Their specialty is whole coach reverse osmosis (RO) systems. They also can provide all the little bits and parts you need to build your own like I did. The web address is

A few aisles away in Row E Space 35 is Great RV Products. These folks carry the Truck System Technologies (TST) line of Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that I have been using for almost five years. They also have an extensive selection of Wilson Electronics cellular amplifiers and antennas. You can satisfy your electronic gadget fix here. The website is

I left the Arizona Marketplace and headed east on the South Frontage Road a short distance to the RV Connection and Satellite Electronics, Inc. This has been my go-to place for RV parts and other stuff since we started coming here. The Satellite Electronics part of the business is at one end. These people know satellite TV. Period. If you have a question, they can answer it. They stock a large assortment of systems from Dish and DirecTV as well as antenna components from Winegard. In the parts store is a huge collection of almost everything you could need in a well laid out store. Their website is

Next we continue east on the South Frontage Road to the Southwest Exchange Home and RV Superstore. Even Kathy likes this place as they have kitchen stuff, rugs and carpets, and other household items. The main event is the huge selection of RV items to rival a Camping World. On the side of the store near the door is the Pooch Parlor professional grooming and self service dog wash. The website is

We continue east on the South Frontage Road to Fortuna Road. We turn right into a strip shopping center where we find Al's RV Service and Supply. This store is operated by RV service technicians. The large store filled with RV stuff is complimented by a service center where they will come to your rig. Good prices here. The website is

On the east side of Fortuna Road is another small strip shopping center just south of Fry's grocery store. Here we find Zepp's Water Treatment Systems, LLC. Their business is water softeners and reverse osmosis water filters for both homes and RVs.

This is certainly not an exclusive listing of RV parts places in Yuma, but they are my personal favorites as I have done business with them and have been well pleased with both products and service..


  1. I've been to Yuma for three winter seasons as an RVer and loved it! Half of the places that you've mentioned, especially SewMasters of Yuma who did our side awning and your Arizona Marketplace pictures, brought back memories! :)
    Excellent and very informative post.... Thank you for bringing back memories, we hope to head back out there again in the future.

  2. Definitely a lot of RV resources. Great posting. We won 't make it to Yuma this year. But perhaps next Winter.

  3. Recently started reading RVing blogs and noting many comments about water filtering. Do most who use filters do so related to personal preferences or is there some problem with tap water in the southwest? Thanks, Regina

  4. We love Yuma too! Great post...we missed Yuma this year; Florida is just not quite the same.