Monday, August 22, 2011

Gathering of friends

Today was a day of heat, boy did it get hot about 97% but the air conditioning was working just great. We got together with several couples who are vendors at rallies. Of course Geeks on tour, Chris and Jim Guld, (we spent last night learning how to blog) a couple who sell jewelry, inflatable boats, and Rv vacume cleaners. It was interesting learning the pros and cons of being a vender and living in a Rv. These folks work really hard. If you are thinking of becoming a vendor on the road make sure you talk with those who do this in is not easy but they are successful, and they all seem to enjoy what they do. Have a great day.


  1. Hello John and Kathy:
    Blog looks great. Here in San Antonio, TX.
    Looking to be 109 on Sat!!!
    Enjoy your COOL weather :)
    Dennie (Padre)

  2. John & Kathy:

    This would make a great topic for an upcoming podcast, particularly how to handle product fulfillment when working from an RV.

    Love your podcast ans look forward to your blogging.