Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day at the escapee's rally

We both had the day of so we drove over to Gillette WY. It's was only about a 3hour trip, but what's 3 hours when you get to spend some time with friends.while John went shopping in vendor row I was busy seeing old friends. I ran into my escapee dad.(when you join escapees at a rally they have you adopted by someone or couple and they help you learn the ropes so to speak)anyway here it was 7 years latter and their was John. It was fun to let them know all the things we have been doing and to thank them again for all their help. We decided to attEnd the Geeks on Tour seminar on blogging just to see them and to get the full treatment. I'm telling you if you need to know anything about starting you own blog these are the people to get in contact with. They sell dvd's that explain just how to do it, and in Easy to understand terms. If I can do this everyone can. What a great way to keep everyone up to date. Unfortunately we had to get home to Charlie so we could't stay to long. But next year it will be a little later in the season so we are going. It will be in Sediona Mo. Around the 16th of Sept. Well, I will close for now. Love all Kathy.

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