Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tampa RV Supershow, Day 1

Here are some of the quirky street entertainers here at the Supershow.  We actually arrived on Tuesday the 15th which was Industry Day. That is when all the salesmen and vendors run around and look at all the other peoples storefronts.

We bought our sign from these folks at the 2009 show.

Here's our son Steve getting ready to get into some "Fair Food". Steve was with us all afternoon looking at Class C motor homes that might be affordable.

This shot is looking into the Camping World store in one of the vendor buildings. They had almost everything that a regular store has.

We saw at least 4 vendors selling these pricy vibrating exercise machines. The gold colored one on the left is the portable folding model for $995. The young lady sure looks fit.

Here is a view of one of the two vendor buildings.

As you can see, we really, really liked these stress-less chairs from Scandinavia.

Steve and his mom. Aren't they pretty?
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  1. Hi Kathy & John,

    We met at the show, I had the Simplicity Sofas booths across from the vibrating picture you posted! (Just outside the Camping World door)
    Love to read about your travels and blog site, hope to see you again at the show in Jan 2015.