Monday, January 28, 2013

Tampa RV Supershow Saturday

This vendor can deliver a custom floor mat in a day or so.

I want this chair!!

There's my honey waiting for listeners at the floating restaurant.

I was there too. It was a little chilly Saturday.

This Laurel and Hardy act was one of many street performance acts at the show.

This is the front living room in a Montanna Big Sky 5th wheel. If I was looking at a 5er, this would be appealing.

It's only money!?!

A lot of great Dixieland music came out of this package.

Kathy talking to one of our listeners by the floating reataurant.

Two more street performers

This was the view from the tram looking up the midway.

This was one of several vintage rigs presented by the Tin Can Travellers.

This had to be the oldest rig at the show.

A lot of elbow grease caused that great shine. Nice vintage truck!

Here we are in Marguerittaville!!
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  1. You are definitely living the good life. My husband and I dream of retiring together soon and traveling around in an RV. We would love the freedom and having an opportunity to see the country.