Thursday, February 13, 2014

Goals for summer Camping

February is already 1/2 gone the the winter is in full flight, but it is time to start setting goals for the summer camping season. Every year we like to sit down and set  some goals for where we want to go and what do we want to see. Also, how did we do last year on the goals we set? So, this week I want to talk about goals. Do you set them? Do you meet them?
Here's what we do. Usually the first of the year Jan or Feb. I bring up the Goal Setting conference of the Huggins group and set of date for the two of us to sit down and go over last years goals and set the ones for this year. The questions we discuss are:
Did we reach our goals from last year? If not why.
What did we enjoying doing most last year?
What are the top 3 goals we want to do this year?
What are the top 3 places we want to see?
What are the things we want to change in our rig.
What rally's would we like to attend.
As we discuss these goals, we review the goals we set for ourselves when we started out. We had a ten year plan in effect. One was to see all the National Parks. Have we done that? No, not yet, but every year we try to add at least one or two parks to our travel plans. I think this is one of the greatest gifts we have here in the US.
This year we were going to go up the west coast,but our son is getting married in Fl in June so we had to change our plans and choose somewhere else to go. We decided to go along I-40 and see the sights there. We will start at the Grand Canyon  and head east to Albuquerque NM, then to OK, Little Rock AR and then to a Fleetwood Motor Home Association (FMA) rally in Dequoin IL, and finally to Fl for the wedding. This will only take us to the end of June. So, there is still plenty to see lot of other places. So, this week I will contact the Dept of Tourism for the states and the Chamber of Commerce for the major cities to get more information about the areas .
So what are your plans this year? Where will you go and what will you see? Set time aside and start dreaming. It is amazing what they will send you at no cost to you. There is always lots of brochures of places you knew about and plenty you have no idea they were there.
You can find the address on the internet or at the back of most US maps.
Happy Camping

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  1. It is a good thing you did not set a 10-year goal to visit all the US National Historic Landmarks. There are 2,528 locations! And many of them are in spots unfavorable for a RV - Boston, Philadelphia and New York City.

    The National Parks on the other hand are much better suited for RV travel. Here is a link with lots of info on the 59 national parks in the USA.

    Some of these National Parks might stay on your RV wish list for quite a while. American Samoa, Haleakala, and Voyageurs for instance.

    Another possible goal is to visit the 21 World Heritage Sites in the US.
    I would suggest skipping Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument unless your RV has submarine capabilities.