Friday, March 14, 2014

Boondocking at the Imperial Dam LTVA

We decided to go out to the Imperial Dam long term boondooking area. This is the view on our way.

This is a patch of something being grown and the beautiful view of the mountain range.
 Watering the plants.
The mountains close up with the sun almost up.
 Castle Dome rock
 Castle Dome on the left and the rest of the range.
 We have found the turn off of route 95 north of Yuma, AZ
 Entrance to the Proving Grounds and the road to the Imperial Dam.
 What a fantastic view.
 US Army proving grounds.
 Here's our sign.
View from the hill side at the sites by the lake.
 Dumping station sign and directions.

 Class C using the dumping station and water fill up.
 Need to have a place to dump your trash?
 Rates, not to bad a price.
 Camp Host site and bathrooms, no showers but toilets.
 This is the picnic area, there are no tables on the plateau.

 These folks have thought of everything, even a Library spelled Liberry.
 They are ready for the season, solar, covered chairs and satellite dish.
 Another example of solar in use.
 The ocotillo plans are in bloom and the different size of solar panels.
 People park where ever there is space and in the direction they desire.
 The open area that is available for camping.
 Some have solar and some do not, but look at the view.
 Friendly burros visit regularly.
 Another view of the lake side camping. It was a very windy day and there were white caps on the lake.
 Camping on the ridge overlooking the lake. What a beautiful site.
 Emergency services are available and they take care of each other out here.
 Almost everything you could need is close by.
 Even church services.
The area is noted for the date farms and this is what they look like. One of the things that is a must have here is a date shake. I think it must be an acquired taste.


  1. Didn't realize there was so much out there.

  2. Looks terrific! What was the temperature range?

  3. My god. What awesome pictures! Beautiful landscape, blue skies, blue water, green things, rocky things. LOVE.

    No to the date shake though. ew.

  4. Really nice!!!!! I will have to go if I get out that way!

  5. Wow, could sure use some of that warm sunshine here in CO! Think I'd rather be on the overlook than right on the lake... Date and banana shakes are the best!!

  6. The picture of the rig down by the water is Awesome.

  7. I did a USCG TDY in of all places, Scottsdale, AZ once but never got the chance to venture far out into the desert and visit places like this. Its drop dead beautiful but I'll just bet the summer could be a bit of a challenge. Great place to avoid winter tho.. Seems here in coastal VA, we're going to get another taste of it on _March 17th_ for cry'in out loud ! Yuk !

  8. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for posting them!

  9. Doesn't look like too many campers on the shore? Why is that? Is it hard to get down there or ????
    Eventually when we visit I will insist on being on the lake! Love it!