Friday, September 2, 2011


Thank God it's Friday, I really like my job, but I'm ready to have some fun and hit the road. As the secretary for the maintenance department I handle all the paper work and today we had lots. There were 42 moves from the storage lot to the park and lot of people needing propane which we sell for $2.50 a gal. not bad. With the weather turning cooler and the sun shine it's a great time to do something outdoors. I feel like I was in a cage for the last month with this really hot weather, but fall has arrived and the weather is just perfect to be getting out and doing rock-hounding. I haven't talked to John about doing some tomorrow, but I am sure he will get the bug too. Living in the RV is so nice, housework takes no time at all and there is no yard work to do. I remember almost every Sat. being out in the yard at our home in Fl. working to keep everything under control. You can't kill a plant in Fl. It just grows and grows. We had a beautiful bird of paradise plant and one year I cut it down to the roots. The next year it bloom unbelievably. I thought I had killed it but is was the talk of the neighborhood.  

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