Sunday, September 25, 2011

One week to go

Our hitch itch is rising fast now. This is Sunday the 25th and we leave in 6 days on Saturday morning the first of November. Kathy is still working and I am doing the long list of things to get ready for a long trip. Yesterday I greased the leveling jacks and lubricated the slide-out mechanism. Monday I'll finish straightening out the basement storage bays and test the generator for proper operation. Kathy is finishing up the laundry and straightening up the inside of our home on wheels each evening after work. I know we are close when I put the towing gear on the car late this week and turn in all our park issued stuff like keys and uniforms. The weather here is awesome! Cool evenings and warm sunny days in the low 80's. Perfect fall weather. We're not sorry to leave though because the cold and snow and wind is just around the corner.
I started to gather up the books we use when we travel like several maps, The Next Exit which tells us all the stuff at the interstate exits, our travel log book for daily travel entries, and new this year, our new Ipad with lots of campground locator apps and several GPS apps. We'll take 2 weeks to travel almost 1500 miles with stops in Valentine, NE; McCook, NE; Amarillo, TX; Roswell, NM; Deming, NM; and then arriving in Benson, AZ for our winter work assignment at Butterfield's Campground. We have a lot of touring to pack into this short 2 weeks and I hope to blog daily during some of it.


  1. waiting to exhale...looking forward to your trip on Saturday

  2. This is so cool!!!! I have to go through MY books and make sure I got the Next Exit book. I know it's one you guys suggested on one of your prior shows. One time Kathy mentioned a book and said she thought it was something like, "Trucker's Guide to Bridges" but I've never been able to find anything like that. It's a concern for us as we have to be UNDER 14' along the way when we head south. We will be looking forward to your blogs as you travel because we'll be following your route very closely in a couple of months!!!!

  3. Got it! Next Exit book is in with the others you recommended. :)

    Is there an iPad app for that???

  4. I discovered your podcast several months ago and have been enjoying it. We divide our time between boat cruising and RVing, with an occasional stop at our "vacation home" in deep south Texas. Just finished working this summer at the Grand Tetons. Also Hart Ranch members, currently here at the resort. Check out our blog:

    Travel safe on your way to Arizona.

    Best wishes,
    Jim B.

  5. I think you are leaving the 1st of October. Keep on blogging, I listen to your podcast and now I can read your blogs. We will be in AZ part of the winter and hope to meet the people behind the microphone in Benson. Kathy (