Saturday, October 1, 2011

One more day

Well, Saturday the 1st is here and so are we. We decided to stay on one more day because we aren't in any particular hurry and Kathy wanted to rest a little after her last work day on Thursday. That's the beauty of this lifestyle! Go where you want and when you want. So tomorrow, Sunday, is our day of departure. I want to thank our readers for the comments you have left. I will answer questions if you leave your email address in the question. PJ, there is an Ipad app for the Next Exit but its around $14.95. I'm not sure if it will update each year without additional charge. The last thing I have to do today is to clean our windshield and front side windows and apply RainX to them. That stuff really works! Yesterday, Kathy and I cleaned and arranged all the basement compartments on the curb side. By using plastic tubs of the same size, we saved enough room to empty several overhead cabinets inside the motorhome! After that we will straighten up the inside and move all the clutter from flat surfaces (countertops, etc.) that would slide all over the place when in motion. With that done, all we need to do in the morning is unhook power, water and sewer hoses, pull in the slide and move out to the far side of the campground to air up the tires and hook up the car and then we're off. It sounds like a lot, but we have done it so many times, it will take no more than 10 minutes. We only have about 220 miles to go tomorrow and we will overnite in Valentine, NE. I'll try to blog daily as we travel, but please forgive me if I miss a day or two.

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  1. John and Kathy,
    It was awful to wake up and realize it was the day you two were pulling out. Thought of you ALL DAY LONG! Now it's evening at Hart Ranch and the thought of you not being here isn't any easier.
    This morning at 7:05, I received a txt msg on my phone from my daughter that said, "The high today is 89*. Let's have them open the Hart Ranch Pool!!!" and I thought, "We can't because John is gone!" wa waa waaaaaaaa
    It was so nice sitting with both of you last night on your last night here and learning about all the apps you've researched. We feel tremendously blessed to have had so much time with you.
    Today I am researching which roadside assistance is best - Passport America or Good Sam. I wished I would have asked if you have an opinion on that!!!!
    Surely you're in Valentine tonight as I write this and please know how missed you are and that we will be thinking of you so much and looking forward to hearing from you on your blog.
    At least when I get too lonesome, I can turn on one of your great shows and listen to your voices.
    We love you both and will add you to our prayer calendar!!!!
    PJ and DB