Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lousy weather here in Verde Valley

Today the temperature won't rise much above 50 and earlier there was a little snow between the scattered rain showers. I was able to post the pictures to the two previous blog posts, however. Our internet speed is iffy at best and I even had trouble posting our radio show until this morning. Tomorrow I'll shoot some more pics of the local area and maybe even down by the river. This has been a great day to stay indoors and Kathy and I have started writing on our book "So you want to be a full time RV'er". At least that is the working title. We hope to e-publish it by the end of the year. So there it is!! The official announcement!! We're writing a book at the suggestion of many of our listeners. We are making no attempt to make it seem as if the book has one author. We will split it in equal parts so you will experience both my writing style and Kathy's. Hopefully by the end of our stay here we will solidify our travel schedule through the end of the year. We know we're going through NM and into Texas next and we know we will be at the Gypsy Journal rally in Celina, OH in Sept. and the SMART National rally following that in Goshen, IN. All else is presently up in the air or at least set in jello.

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