Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We have "Hitch Itch", .... Bad!!!

It's hard to believe how fast our park has emptied in the last few days. Except for a few park models, we can see all the way to the end and over to the east and west sides with no rigs in the way. By next week, all but 4 couples of workampers will have left INCLUDING US!!! We enjoyed it here, but its time to move on. Today I took down the window and tire covers and rolled and stored them. Next chore is to wash and "Rain-X" the windshields of car and rig as well as wax the top of the front cap on the motorhome to help deal with the bugs along the way. We also renewed the voodoo solution to critters in our basement compartments. That means we inserted a sheet of "Bounce" wrapped around a 5" piece of dog flea collar and an evergreen car air freshener. I don't know the science, but this has worked for us fo the last 7 years. Next up will be to remove the weather gadget from the roof ladder and store it away. Tomorrow we'll clean out the car so we can put the larger lawn chairs and the satellite antenna in it for travel. Yesterday and today we stocked up on groceries for the next several weeks and have that stowed as well. By Friday, the tow gear will be on the car as well and all we'll have to do is stow the jack pads and wood blocks when we come down off the jacks. I'll have to slither underneath to lubricate the jacks prior to that as well as disconnect the external 100 lb. LP tank the park has provided. It's amazing how much we have to do after a 6 month stay. Kathy has been busy getting all the horizontal counter tops cleared and the closets squared away for travel as well.

Tuesday the 10th we will pull out for the Verde Valley Thousand Trails park near Cottonwood, AZ. This will be about a 260 mile day.From there its on to Gallup, NM so we can go up to Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Then south through Roswell, NM to Ft. Stocton, TX and on to the Escapees Park in Hondo, TX for a week or so. Then we're off to the Colorado River TT park for a week or two and on to Lake Conroe TT park. Then we'll head for Florida to visit with our oldest son. Next is a trip north across the spine of Virginia on I81all the way to Hershey, PA to see our other son. Next we head west again through Celina, OH for the Gypsy Journal rally and on to Goshen, IN for a SMART(Special Military Active and Retired Travel Club) national Rally. From there we head back to the southwest for a winter in Yuma. That will be a 3700 mile trip with about $3200 worth of diesel fuel if it stays around $4.25/gal. I hope we can afford it. lol

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