Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meteor Crater RV Park and Walnut Canyon

 The first five pics are from the internal memory of my camera

 There was water here before it was dammed up upstream
 One of the more visible cliff dwellings

 We climbed up from Verde Valley at 3500 feet and reached well up in the six thousands by the time we turned east on I-40. We are at the Meteor Crater RV Park at exit 233 on I-40 and on the road to the crater. This is a very nice park with large pull-thrus, FHU and 50Amp service. Instead of going to the Crater today, we went to Walnut Canyon. What a beautiful place. The visitor center looks out and over the canyon that has a rock island in the center. Around the edge of the outer rim are numerous cliff dwellings of the Sinagua Indians dating to the 1100's. There is a 1 mile extremely arduous trail around the island with a decent of more than 250 steps, and the corresponding climb back up. We only went a little ways down there to take pictures. There would be more, but I left the camera's SD card in the computer, so I only had the internal memory. Lesson Learned!! Tomorrow morning we will head out to the Meteor Crater and then we'll do about 75 miles to a park near the Petrified Forrest. We'll spend a few nights there and one day we'll head up to Canyon de Chelly.
 The "Island" from the visitor center
 The wildlife in the canyon
 The visitor center is top right in this view from the rim trail

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