Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Verde Canyon Railroad

Yesterday, we took a trip over to Clarkdale (about 10 miles) and rode the Verde Canyon Railroad. This awesomely scenic ride took us 20 miles up the Verde River Canyon to Perkinsville, site of the Perkins Ranch, where they reversed the locomotives to the other end of the train and came back to Clarkdale. The whole trip is slow (10-15 mph) and relaxing. Each car has an outdoor car too. Geezer rate was $49 but well worth it.
Here's Kathy just before we boarded the train

A Sinuagua cliff dwelling just outside of Clarkdale

One of the larger trestles

Somewhere down there is the Verde River

Some gorgeous red rock faces in the distance

The Verde River runs through it

The usual horizontal layers are vertical here

Now they're horizontal.
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