Monday, October 3, 2011

The best camping is Free camping

We had a pretty easy day today. Only 220 miles from Valentine to McCook, NE. We are in a city park with seven 50A sites and it is FREE camping for up to 3 days. Water and a dump station is available. I am impressed with our route down US 83. The road is 2 lane so far, but in good repair with decent width shoulders. Of course we had the requisite road work but only for about 20 miles. The first half of this day was through the Nebraska Sand Hills which were scenic in our eyes. Not much civilization, but beautiful nonetheless. Then it was 100 miles of corn country with drying feed corn as far as the eye could see. At least there was a little more man made stuff to see. We made a fuel and Walmart stop in North Platte. This is a fairly sizable town at the junction of US 83 and I80. The Walmart was right off US 83 and with lots of large vehicle parking and easy return to US 83. We fueled at Flying J 2 miles East on I 80 and then went back west to US 83.


  1. John and Kathy! So glad to hear from you both and especially love seeing the pictures you've posted. Well of the campground..... the miles and miles of prairie aren't quite as fascinating. ha!
    Thank you for the info about Highway 83 and the road conditions, shoulders, etc.
    After comparing roadside assistance services of Good Sam and Passport America, we're settling on P.A., as they have (in the long run) better services, more coverage for theft/loss/etc., and the cost is comparable. Good Sam saves you $30 but only the first year. After that, the cost is within a few dollars of one another.
    We miss you both!!! Already! Have fun traveling and we are really enjoying your blog every night. The perfect night cap! :) Love, pj

  2. Enjoy tagging along. We enjoy the blog and podcasts. Thanks...

    Bill and Kris Osborne

  3. As of tomorrow, DB and I will be new CoachNet members. Signed up for 3 years, so I guess we'll be full-timers at least that long. :) Thank you for the great advice!!! I posted a big ole response last night so I hope you got it.