Friday, October 7, 2011

On our Way by Kathy

Well we are in Kansas and the wind is whistling down the lane at hurricane force. Really it's not that bad but we have not had this kind of wind at so constant a force. We spent 2 days in McCook Ne. At a nice city park with 50amp only but we were in the shade and down in a little glen so we were protected from most of the wind. We move on to Garden City Ka driving in high winds but we made it here. We are in the nice little park called RJ.RV Park it's a old KOA but it's a little run down. We decided to go to Dodge City and visit the old west. They have preserved the old boot hill area and have built a street with the Long Branch Saloon and stores of all kinds,a school, church, and a home. As I looked at the Kitchen I thought of all the great gadgets we have today and how blessed we are to have the ease of todays things. The wind was again strong and it was hard to drive in the car. I was glad to get back to the rig and get in out of the wind.

We are planning on moving to Amerillo tomorrow if the weather holds calm. I like being back on the road. The different scenery as we go down the road is awesome. We went though the sand hills of Ne I didn't know they even exsisted. What a wonderful country we live in and how diverse it is. Something new around every corner. Well today we need to get a show done so listen in and find out more about our travels. Safe travels, Kathy.

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