Friday, October 7, 2011

Blown away in Kansas

This is our third day in Garden City, KS. We stayed another day to dodge the 35 mph constant winds here and all the way down to Texas. The gusts top 50 and shake the rig to where it scares Charley. Yesterday we decided to go on and brave the wind and go to Dodge City, about 50 miles east of here. We toured the Boot Hill Museum and found it quite interesting and well worth the $9.00 entrance fee.

Lunch at the Boot Hill Casino was pretty good too. The driving there and back was exhausting as the wind and dust hit us from the side and made driving "interesting". Today we produced issue 128 of the Living the RV Dream podcast detailing our adventures. We may look around in Garden City later and then we must get the rig ready for travel and an early start tomorrow morning. We have about a 235 mile run to a park on the edge of Pala Duro Canyon near Amarillo, TX. We'll spend at least 2 nights there.

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