Sunday, October 23, 2011

Helldorado Days

Yesterday we took a trip to Tombstone, AZ 20 miles south of Benson. In 1929, the town was dying with the playing out of the silver mines and the county seat was about to be moved. The city fathers came up with a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the town to raise awareness of Tombstone. This came to be known as Helldorado days.

Many folks dress in period costume and there are many shops selling period clothing and accessories, including guns. This is one of the rental shops in town and we saw lots of dance hall girls around town.

The famous OK Corral where the Earps and Doc Holiday shot it out with the Clantons and the McLowerys. Gunfights go on all day long here.

The equally famous Birdcage Theatre. Part gambling hall, part bar, and part bordello, it is preserved in its original state with all the original furnishings, complete with numerous bullet holes.

A couple of soiled doves perhaps?

Lots of folks dressed in 1880's clothes.

There were several different coaches available to haul you around town.

There was even a miner.

We had a lot of fun in Tombstone, and we will go back when the town is a little less crowded to visit some of the historic buildings including the inside of the Birdcage.
We continued to head south leaving Tombstone and heading to Bisbee, a major copper mining center with many original and restored buildings. We will go back to Bisbee and take pictures for a future blog post.


  1. LOVE the picture of the cute cute desk clerk at Butterfield RV Park. :) DB and I listened to a couple of your shows tonight. In fact, we listened to the one about your travels/route from Garden City to Benson while we had the huge road atlas straddling our laps. We soooo appreciate your information on the road conditions!!

    Very interesting hearing about the new RV park in Tucson. In fact, I was ready to Google it and we were both raising our eyebrows to one another until Kathy shared the rates. :) THANK YOU KATHY for the information! The rates, you said John, were out of your price range. Well ours too.

    Also we're so encouraged hearing about all the sights and things to investigate in the Tucson area.

    A couple years ago when DB and I went to Huachuca City and visited our Hart Ranch friends Marge and Bud Woods, we LOVED Sierra Vista. It's very metro, clean, and interesting! In fact, the other day at a coffee shop in Rapid City, there were about 8 of us seated around this table and DB and I were talking about Sierra Vista and how nice it is. All of a sudden this guy at a table nearby spoke up and said, "Sierra Vista is Arizona's best kept secret." :)

    JOHN >>> I found a cool App! It's called "TuneIn Radio." You can pull up any radio station in the U.S., and record a radio show or song with the touch of a button, AND I found the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Weather Radio so have that there in my favorites and can access that within a couple of seconds with just a touch on the screen. NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts alerts for national emergencies, tornadoes, thunderstorms, flash floods, mud slides, hurricanes, chemical spills, fires, and other major stuff going on that we may be interested in!!

    Okay enough blah blah blah from us. Just wanted you to know we're thinking of you and we SO APPRECIATE your show!!!! The music during the commercials is fantastic too!

    Love you guys! Keeping you on the prayer calendar!

  2. Tried out that Tunein Radie app. It's great.